Does your mind support your vision of life?

Looking at how important it is to live from our Higher Selves & Higher Brain. Do we live from our authentic selves, our soul’s knowing, or do we let our “lower brain” highjack our lives. Our true selves know why we are on this planet. Knows our true purpose. Our physiology has to support our dreams. Do we have body mind practices that keep us awake and alert to the opportunities for growth and connection around us? Meditation, yoga, Higher Brain Living,…. is so important so we can begin to have control of our thoughts instead of having our thoughts control us.

We can set a path for ourselves that reflects the life we really want. Do you have a map for yourself? Do you feel you deserve a life that reflects your longing? You are divine. You are brightness. You are light. You matter. You make a difference.

What is the next step for you to live the life you want?

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The Power of Community

We live in a culture that still suffers from values of individualism, materialism & competition which can lead to isolation & even fear of one another. When you visit other countries, especially those without affluence and comforts as we know them, you feel the richness of people’s spiritual depth in their faces, their words and their actions. This is, I believe, because of the interconnectedness that is so imbedded in their lives. People know they cannot live without the help of others, and so their hearts are open. Suffering is often minimized because of the deep connections between people. The Dalai Lama talks about his visits to the West and the affluence he sees which seems to isolate people as they invest so much of their resources and time on creating beautiful homes rather than beautiful community. Rituals shared together are also rare. The sacredness of sharing the power of transitions and threshholds needs to be part of our rhythm of life. Also, our busy pace of life makes a discipline of prayer & meditation very challenging.

The Gnostic Gospels:

“If you bring out what is inside you,

what is inside you will save you.

If you fail to bring out what is inside you,

what is inside you will destroy you.”

There is nothing to fear in sharing our suffering or our vulnerabilities. It is, in fact, a great opportunity for souls meeting, and healing happening. When we open our hearts to one another, it allows the other to go within and journey into the place of inner knowing and truth. Knowing they are supported makes miracles happen.

Awake to the light or the dark?

We blink a thousand times a day. A thousand times a day the world goes dark. A thousand times a day we wake. Opening and closing, opening and closing- that is an inescapable part of being human.

What do we tend to lean towards? What do we see more as home? Being open or being closed? As Mark Nepo puts it:

“Do you see life as one stream of light interspersed with nights of dark, or as one stream of darkness interspersed with days of light? Though there will never be an answer, what we believe about the nature of life matters. It lifts or burdens our days. So ask yourself, ‘Is life one long miracle of chances to be open interspersed with moments of breaking? Or is life one long painful breaking interspersed with moments of wonder?’ ”

Our minds can support our vision of life as a miracle, or our minds can detract us from that, seeking what is negative and watching out for the next danger of whatever color and shape. How much do we allow both, the light and the dark into our hearts, making the light our home and also settling into the dark when it calls to us for growth and discernment? How we answer this question will determine who we are, a person of hope or despair, optimism or pessimism, trust or mistrust.

When we suffer loss, we want to close ourselves down. That is a natural part of the journey. Falling in love is a vibrant journey of light & opening to the light. They are both part of being human. Blinking keeps us from too much light or too much dark. There is real wisdom in the simple act of blinking.

Robin, maybe we want to include this in one of our sessions? Let me know what you think. On being Awake?

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